Everyone is an Artist.

Everyone is an Artist.

Shankar was not an extraordinary boy in school. He was just a regular child with some hopes and dreams to achieve in life. His marks were not so fantastic that his parents could be proud of but his poems were absolutely breath taking. At a very small age, his English teacher understood him well and guided him through the paths where he could recognize himself as an artist. But, later on after leaving school, his parents decided to take him abroad where he could complete all his formal education and stand in a huge crowd which was ruthless. 

As we tend to grow older in our life, we feel that the world throws more curve balls at us.  It’s a never-ending cycle of disappointments and achievements, but although we might presume that each of us are capable of getting back up every time life kicks us to the ground, that is far from reality. But, the reality is that we tend to lose our individuality over the process. We forget what we loved, and what we actually want from our life. We indulge our self in making money, have an apartment in a big city, have a wealthy lifestyle because this is what defines success in our society.

“Whatever you seek, you will become.”

Never harm Individuality.

As we are progressing towards a fast society, we are making ourselves  realize that materialistic things around us are the reality. We are making a world where money is the source of our motivation and not our inner self. Am not telling that money is not important, but it is as important as petrol in car. What if you put gallons of petrol in your car so that you never lose out on petrol. By mistake, if one day a spark of fire rises, the whole car blasts. That is the role of money in our life. We should not overdo anything in our life. 

Individuality, a part which we are born with. We love what we actually do. We humans are designed with emotions, feelings and senses. We have the power to feel what we want to have. We have the power to understand what is best for us. We have the power to design our life in a way we want to. So, why aren’t we making the most of ourselves. Why aren’t we pushing ourselves to our limits. Rather, than asking this questions we are putting ourselves in a closed box which is made by people we are surrounded with. We are harming our individuality with which the artist inside us are getting killed everyday. 

“Never harm your individuality.”

The story Continues…

One day, sitting in front of computer, doing some client stuffs, Shankar decided to quit his job life and run for his passion. He resigned the very next day, and ran towards his home, took out his diary and a pen and started writing. He did not received success instantly, but he knew somewhere in his mind that someday he definitely will. Within few years he was a successful poet and a story-writer and became one of the best sellers in coming years.

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