Sayan Bhattacharya

Being an amiable person, I come from a moderate family background and specialise in trying to become a better version of myself in the things I choose to do. I have had quite humble beginnings in my life and seek opportunities to make it great. Life is short and making the most of it is the only option. Through these opportunities and whatever else I’m doing in life I envision to believe and achieve things.




What the blog is all about?

"Beyond Certainty."

Everything in this world is uncertain. From life, work, relationships and our passion. We have become so certain about some facts that the real truths somehow got underneath. Our dreams somehow got lost. Our Work-Life balance is not known.

In this blog, we will talk on those matters which can bring the spark again in your life. Fighting against all odds, is an old trend. We will question ourselves where are we standing. Is this the life we chose for ourselves. Let’s go on a journey “Beyond Certainty.”

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